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EGRISO-9001 Certified

Evans is one of the few garment restoration companies in the industry to be ISO-9001 certified!

This certification demonstrates Evans’ commitment to following well defined quality management practices for delivering quality products and services as well as continual improvement!

That’s because our quality management system has been subjected to the rigorous scrutiny of Underwriters Laboratories (UL-DQS) and meets the demanding ISO‐9001:2008 standards—the same standards often identified as an important component of an overall quality management system by many of the world’s very best businesses!

The ISO 9000:2008 standard represents an international consensus on good quality management practices and addresses the quality management practices of an organization. Quality management is defined as what the organization does to meet its customers’ quality requirements, and applicable regulatory requirements, while aiming to enhance customer satisfaction, and achieve continual improvement of its performance in pursuit of these objectives.

The ISO 9001:2008 standard provides a tried and tested framework for taking a systematic approach to managing the organization’s processes so that they consistently turn out product that satisfies customers’ expectations.

Evans uses the services of UL-DQS (Underwriters Laboratories), an independent quality system certification body to obtain an ISO 9001:2008 certificate of conformity.

UL DQS works with companies around the world to certify their management systems and help these systems perform. With 1,850 auditors in more than 60 global offices, they deliver practical, on-the-ground services in 44 countries. Their experienced auditors follow a disciplined process to determine whether individual departments have the right performance metrics in place to drive continuous improvement.

They look across company silos to identify gaps between procedures and performance. And, they recommend improvements that can streamline certification—and strengthen the company’s ability to run a more efficient organization. UL DQS is the only leading global resource focused exclusively on management system audits.

All Evans plants throughout the country are using the same systems developed to obtain ISO certification in the flagship Springfield, IL plant and have passed Evans’ internal audits and are working towards full ISO 9001:2008 certification in the near future.

*Not all plants yet ISO‐9001 Certified. Call 1‐866‐933‐8267 to determine if your local plant has received ISO‐9001 Certification.

Andrew H., Shady Side, MD
“Excellent service - of all the people I’ve worked with during this loss, Evans was the best in terms of efficiency, organization and communication - very good!”

Connie K., Odenton, MD
“We were immensely satisfied with the staff and the respect shown our possessions.”

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